Sunday, September 20, 2009


1- Friendship disappears when misused, leaving the fool to stand alone.

2- Put others before  yourself. Love is like that.

3- Unwavering faith can handle anything.

4- If you're going to dream- dream BIG.
    To God, the word impossible does not exist.

5-The choice to live with, or without fear, is ours to make.

6- You may feel as if you're lost, but in truth, you are not.
    God always knows where we are.

7- It is the unbelieving heart that is in danger.

8- Love cannot enter if the door to the heart is closed.

9-There are no skies without occassional clouds,
   and life demands that we all, for a season, stand alone.

10- There are many who love me, but the Lord, being closest
      to my heart, caused me to be all that I am.

11- Setting high goals is a good thing,
     but we must recognize our limitations.

12- If you think you cannot- you never will.
13- If you love life and know truth, you will love others
      as you love yourself.

14- I called you, but you refused to answer.
      Poor child. Who will hear you when you're in need?

15 -A crisis reveals to the world, the heart of a man.

16- Saying "I'm sorry," not only reveals humbleness, but
      bigness of heart.

17- Speak gentle, kind, loving,  uplifting things, or be still.

18- Visualize peace and it will soon find you.

19- Hope in tomorrow, God created it for a reason.

20- Success comes when we recognize how much we have yet
      to learn, then learn it.


Sugar said...

got your comment about friends not being able to comment. but i did ok.
God bless...

Connie said...

Want to get your addy out there for all your old friends...


Kath said...

Though I am not blogging any more Barb it was wonderful to find your new blog whilst browsing others for a while.I shall never forget your kind words in the past.Things are doing OK at my end here in England.I truly hope you and yours are well.In my thoughts always.Have a blessed Sunday.Loved all of your posting today as usual.Take Care God Bless Kath xx