Thursday, January 28, 2010

Keep On Keeping On

No two ways about it, life is HARD. And I think sometimes we make it even more difficult without realizing it. How? For two reasons (at least two that I
now recognize). The first is forgetting that the world runs on opposites:  a child is born- another child dies; a man finally gets the job he needs - another man loses the job he's had for twenty-five years; a couple is getting married
while another is getting a divorce;
 somebody is cured of cancer- another person isn't; one child becomes a success - another winds up in prison; today, a storm rages today - tomorrow the sun is warming our bones. Viewing life realistically, remembering how truly unpredictable it is, enables us to not be caught off guard so much. It teaches us to embrace the better, sunnier, brighter, more joyous moments, to appreciate them more. 

The second way we make life more difficult, in my opinion, is by making our trials,
 hurts, sorrows and disappointments our point of focus. A man cannot look at both sides of a coin at the same time. Neither can he be both happy and sad at the same time; he's either one or the other. We forget, I think, that we DO have
 control over how we feel. This is not to make light of depression (I've
struggled with it my entire life).
 I'm just trying to encourage those of you who may be experiencing stormy weather right now, as I am.
 many of you, I got up this morning with the same set of trials I went to

bed with. But this morning I determined that they were not going to pull me under. I reminded myself that yesterday is gone, and just because things didn't work out then doesn't mean they won't now. Sometimes, we just have to accept that we were wrong about something, and move on.

Each new day offers opportunites to do things differently, to improve ourselves, to learn more. I've often reminded you that "IT WON'T ALWAYS RAIN."

And I have also said "A new day= a new way."
We need to try to remember that; to not forget that yesterday, with all it's pain, fears, worries, disappointments, mistakes and sorrows is gone, is behind us now.

Each new day is a brand new gift box, filled with blessings, both large and small.

They are there, I promise. But sometimes, especially when life is hard, it takes us longer to recognize them.

                           Todays Food For Thought

           1-Listen to the what you say- and the tone used when you say it/

           2- We believe what we tell ourselves.

          3- Think before speaking- or doing.

         4- You may feel alone sometimes, lost even, but in truth, you never are,
             because God keeps track of His children.

         5-If forgiveness seems impossible, just say the words
            and ask God to help you mean what you say.

        6-Our lives are what they are because of choices we made,
           or didn't make.


Linda :) said...

I haven't read blogs in a few weeks and I come on today and there is an entry by you... not a coincidence I think... these gray January skies are getting to be a bit dreary but the sun will be shining soon.... Have a blessed weekend... :)

JOHN said...

,Thanks for stopping by and Finding my blog interesting.And the congrats on my home.A lot of prayers went into it.And its not over yet.Right now Im living in my Motor home parked in my drive way and The house is emty.I do have someone staying in it and waching it.They said I had to move out to buy it.Please keep me in prayers and I will be praying for you and your husband Johnny.I'll be back soon to read your blog.

Rjet33 said...

Janet Paschal recorded a song, "It Won't Rain Always." She has fought breast cancer, so she knows about trials. I just wrote a long entry about trials that I had to go through and the effects they had on me on my Facebook. It was my friends and my faith that helped me get through those rough couple of years. Thank God, so far, 2010 has been VERY kind to my family. I think it is because I changed my attitude and started expecting great things. I don't tell God how big the storm is, I tell the storm how big my God is!!!!! Love you! Hugs and prayers!

Rjet33 said...

P.S. Welcome back! You were sorely missed!