Friday, March 26, 2010

My version of the Alphabet
(only posting part today)

A- Always be yourself.
Those that truly love you
will accept the person
you are; those that don't cheat themselves out of
precious memories.
 Stands for beauty.
We see ourselves negatively when displeased with
the reflection in the mirror. But in truth, we are not what we
feel, nor just what we look like; that's just the wrapping on
the package.
Who we really are, deep down, is what our actions,
words, and desires reveal us to be.
Rejection by others reveals a lack of knowledge as
to what love really is, and is a sign of immaturity.

C- is for Courage, Caring, Calmness
Being courageous will eventually get you walking
on smooth pavement, will turn your dreams into
realities, and enable you do what must be done.
         Caring for yourself is as important as caring for others.
Nobody understands your needs better than you do.
Taking time for the person you are will strengthen you;
make it possible for you to care for those you love.
              Calmness is the ultimate high. You know this from
time spent alone, listening to Bach or Mozart.
Calmness midst thunder is a mighty weapon,
one that seldom, if ever, lets us down.

D- Duty & Day

Duty requires doing necessary things, but our duties
are not always what others claim them to be, or demand
that we do. We alone know where to place the boundary line.
Place yours wherever it protects you. Keep yourself safe.
A Day--
A day is 24 hours of moments given us to spend as
we wish. Don't allow other people to dictate to you how
you are to spend yours, nor tie your time up taking care of
things they alone are responsible for. I wish you success
in learning how to live in the moment.

E- Everlasting
That is what God's love for us is.
But not all things last forever, even those things we try
so hard to believe in. Seasons come and go in spite of us,
as does time. Changes can occur rapidly, leaving us
devestated, angry, alone, heartsick, insecure, and
worried. Fortunately, though there is no security found
in people, places, or things, we are always able to call
upon the LORD, who is always home for His children.

Our perceptions of family differ according to our
background, beliefs, and nurturing, or lack of it.
The hardest thing, I've been told, about families is
that we have no choice as to the one we're born into.
We are who we are, have the family we have.
It is our final choices, after all, that determine what
our ending days will be like: who is in our lives or
not, and whether we'll have comfort, or even a
hint of understanding.

G- Greatness of courage, of dreams, of accepting
difficult things is what introduces us to the strong,
positive side of ourselves.
H- Hope
Hope is the flame that keeps us alive; keeps us
creating dreams - building towers in the sky.
Hope is what keeps us alive in spite of ourselves.
Without it life disappears.
I thank God for the hope within you,
however dim that flame may be.
I'm aware that it is hope that has kept you.
Don't let go! Don't let go no matter how
discouraged you may become. God has planned
your life and with you at all times, loving you more
sweetly, more fairly, more unconditionally than
any human ever could. I cannot explain this.
just know it to be true.

I- Individual
Most people lives and sentences revolve around
themselves, while we had to teach ourselves to care
for the (i) that we are. It's been difficult for us to
recognize and understand that we're entitiled to the
same kindness, compassion, love, and patience that
we extend to others. You ARE important.
Remember that!

J- Justice
There isn't much around any more, or so it seems.
Life hasn't always been fair to you, nor have many you
loved and trusted. But when you think about this, you
can know you always went the extra mile for
other people. It will balance out in the end. I promise.
I know this to be true because God has, and
is still, setting straight the crooked paths of my life.

K-Keeping On

Keep on keeping on no matter how steep the hill.
The rewards are always greater than the trial just
experienced. Keeping on is  a form of control.
Others may not recognize that but we know it
to be true.
You've perserved: climbed when you wanted to sit,
worked when you wanted to rest, lived when you
wanted to cease living. You may not be aware of it
but you ARE winning.


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