Sunday, August 21, 2011

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY J-LAND many of them. When Guido suggested us doing this the first thought that crossed my mind was "Oh, I wish I hadn't lost my "Hey Let's Talk." blog, but I did, so can't post anything from there. But that's okay. What matters to me is that the  people who entered my life so many years ago are still walking across the corridors of my mind, still making me smile, still encouraging me, still making me feel special and loved, still reminding me how very rich I am for having such awesome friends.
   You all know how windy I am. Heck, I'm the one who gave myself that
It would be so easy to post a long entry right now but things are a bit tough in my life at the moment. My sweet Johnny's health is going downhill rapidly. All the doctors can do now is make him as comfortable as possible. This is a good example of what I meant about friends. Some of you are following my "My Johnny" blog. Those who aren't have been keeping in touch, lifting my spirits. I want to thank you for staying in touch. As Rose said, who would have guessed that starting a blog would have created such a special family, and that's what each of you are to me.
   Have an awesome day. Remember that life is short so create a beautiful memory.
Thanks, Guido. Love you.


Linda's World said...

So happy to see some posts in honor of this JLand anniversary. It was a wonderful platform of sharing & caring. Thankfully many of us have found each other on FB which allows us even more contact, I think.

REGINA said...

still keeping you and johnny in my prayers. so glad i connected with you again on fb and enjoy your company online. your memories shared make me blessed my friend. regina

LYN said...

Good to see a post from you..I did one too!

Rose said...

yes Barb, over years this place has been my shield to protect me from my fears! xoxox!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always enjoyed your posts on the AOL journals. And am very glad you are back to blogging too. It's great to keep in touch with old friends.