Saturday, December 24, 2011


It's the night before Christmas, and I find myself thinking about the men and women in the armed forces, knowing their Christmas won't be like mine. Even as I enjoy our beautifully decorated tree, the quiet of the night, the joy of knowing  my husband is still with me, and that tomorrow, our son and grandchild will spend Christmas day with us, it's hard not to cry.  Sometimes I do. How could I not?
     Our troops, so far away from home, have no pillow beneath their heads, no warm shower, nobody to hug and kiss them or comfort them when they are weary and lonely, fearful and worried. They don't have a warm breakfast to start their day, don't get to enjoy something so simple as a cup of coffee, and have nothing much to look forward too, except more of what they just experienced the day before.
    These brave men and women are where they are because they love their country and want to keep it safe- want to keep all of us safe. I think sometimes we forget that the freedom we have came with a price, a very HIGH price. 

   We need to stop taking what we have for granted; need to truly appreciate all that we have. We are so blessed, so rich, yet in the ways that count- sometimes very poor.
   Please, as you celebrate Christmas, do it with our troops in mind. And then, as the New Year begins, consider making a commitment to pray for our troops every day; and not pray only, but do something for them.

Type  Support Our Troops in your toolbar and a page will come up giving you all kinds of ways to help.

I'd like to wish every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too.
Remember that the new year gives us another opportunity not only do better, but to be better too. I love do-overs. Don't you?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think every day is a chance to have one of those do-overs. Another chance to get it right. Having had a son in the military for over 20 years I do know the sacrifices made by them to defend our country. I do pray for them every day. I hope your Christmas is a wonderful one with your son and grand child there with you! Merry Christmas!

Rjet33 said...

I could not have said it better myself, Barb! Sending you hugs and prayers. Happy New Year!

Kath said...

Sorry this comment is late Barb,I am trying to do catch up from being ill before Christmas.FB and Blogger etc,plus... like you answering letters e. mails etc.I often find I do not have time in the day to do what I wish I could,on here.Though like Ma said,I do pray for all the Troops,and never fail......We have a Son (Roosters to his First Marriage) that spent 7yrs in the Falklands war,and we know what a worrying time it is for family and how much they sacrifice for our Countries.One family near me only this week had the devastating news of thier Son being in Afganistan.When I heard it on the National News on TV My heart broke.He was at school with my two eldest boys.Sometimes Barb,I find it very hard to come on my computer as thier are so many people ill and so much heartache,I often have to close down,because I feel my depression coming on and I don't want that to start again.So thankyou for your comment the other day on FB (Call for supposrt) when I asked for prayers for my firnd from J/Land ,saying you missed me,I miss you too,but know I at times have to take a break for this reason.Love you millions and Praying hard for your Johnny and you and the family.Take Care God Bless Kath xxx