Friday, February 15, 2013


I was hoping I'd wake to sunshine but instead woke up to heavy fog. It will lift soon, probably within a few hours. I'd looked forward to having my coffee on the patio but due to fog I'm taking cautious sips of it while visiting with you.
It's amazing how quickly time passes. Sometimes I find myself wishing it were still 2012. I know that's because if it were, Johnny would still be with me. Still, even though I'm working my way through unfamiliar territory I'm doing okay. The Lord, as always, keeps steering me away from things I think will work towards what He knows will. You just can't beat that.

Many of you have requested that I share another of my stories with you, told me that you thought it might be a good distraction for me so I just might do that. It's been awhile since I've shared one I've written or started another and I have missed it.

I have a lot to do today so thought I'd take a shortcut and just share some more of the book I wrote for my Mom.

From Solitude- From Silence

Silence allows us to hear the breathing of a bird, the grass growing, and the sigh of a tired universe.

A crisis reveals to the world the heart of a man.

Do not say "If I leave my eyes closed I will not see the sorrows of the world." Better it is to leave them open, lend a hand, and watch the sorrows of the world melt away.

Time allows us to adjust to what is.

There is no room in life for bitterness; it fills the heart and mind with such
negativeness that hope cannot breathe.

I treasure the loudness of silence; through her the entire world is mine
and I have God to myself for a little while.

Let go of yesterdays hand or today will be of no use to you.

As frail as a bird is it holds its own against strong winds:

I will be like the bird- will stand tall against the storms of life.

I hear the wail of the wind and close my ears;

May I never turn away from the cries of my brother.

The heart has doors- the mind windows. If when trials find you the 

door is closed, no good thing can find you, but fling them open
and the comfort of truth will light every corner.

Let not the words of your mind overshadow

the peace within your heart.

Do not avoid silence and solitude; silence will help you hear
God's voice, and the solitude will introduce you to your real self.

If we learn from life as we live,
we shall be greatly missed when we're gone.

It is not good to return from where you departed, if

you did not learn during your absence what makes a day sunny.

The easiest thing to do is nothing,
the most difficult is to be

honest with ourselves, about ourselves.

Love is hard to find when buried beneath bitterness.

Faith has to be in use before it will work.


You are not loved, you say.
It was Jesus who provided the pillow for your head when your body wept for sleep, and your friends phone call when fear found your place of residence.

I was deeply grieved so Jesus sent a friend to keep me company.

I was in need but none would help the likes of me.
Jesus said,"Come, my child. Sit with me. All I have  is yours."

Another change is upon the horizon, Lord. Sit with me please,

until the darkness passes and I see only YOU.

From on high, Jesus saw me cry- and wept.

Oh, come, Lord Jesus,
Fill the empty spaces of my heart and life;
Sit with me, and like the spider, weave me stories of faith, courage
and love.

I said, "Lord, will you show me which way to go?"
He said, "Child, I already cleared the path- left it well lit."

Lord Jesus, grant me the wisdom to know what love really is,

so that I can give it away when I myself am in need.

Even while our hearts are breaking Jesus stands nearby,
catching the broken pieces in his hands, ready to make them whole again.


 Well, dear ones, that's it for today. I've enjoyed sharing with you. What will I be doing next? I'm going to be fixing myself some breakfast. Just finished my one cup of coffee for the day and my stomach is reminding me that I've not eaten yet.

Do take care of yourselves.  Have an awesome day.

love you much,




Crown of Beauty said...

Dearest Barb
I love silence and solitude. Since Ernie went home to heaven I have had lots of it, and you are so right, it is in the silence that the presence of God is full. When I am surrounded by noise, I can't hear what God is saying. Reading these amazing lines you have penned, it seemed like I was sitting across the table, sipping coffee with you. Father continues to speak tenderly to you, I know you hear His gentle voice of love. And I really do not know how it happens, but His words are like the gently falling rain, softening our hearts, making the ground ready for the new seeds of hope that His words bring.

Much love to you dear friend

Rose said...

<3. think about u often!

Jeannette said...

I too love silence, the world has become increasingly noisy. My favourite time of day is when I go home from work and spend quiet time with my thoughts and my cats.
I love to read your thoughts Barb, you're so eloquent, I really do feel I'm there with you, enjoying coffee and sharing the peace.
Bless you Barb. xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm waiting for winter to end so that I too can get outside on the patio and enjoy my coffee. For now I have to be content sitting in the kitchen looking out the window. Today the sun is coming up but it is bitter cold outside. Hope you have a super Saturday!

ADB said...

You can look back in fond remembrance, Barb, but you know to also look forward. Johnny will be with you always, wherever you go. As one of my relatives said the other day, a farewell is the start of many memories.

Sandy said...

You are truly a gifted writer, dear friend. How I enjoyed these words. I know when my son Shaun was away in the developmental center for those long nine months the silence here so hard at first. Then as the Lord began to speak it became so wonderful and peaceful.
Love to you~

Linda :) said...

I'm glad to see you writing in Let's Chat again... It always makes me smile... You have such a way with words and sharing... Have a Blessed Sunday! :)

Tawnya said...

Hello Barb.. I am glad I found you again! Glad to be reading again!

Kath said...

Hello Barb,another lovely post with inspiring words once again.I love silence too.I hope you enjoyed your breakfast,it's too cold here to sit out for morning coffee,but spring is round the corner,so we'll soon be able to do so.{{Hugs}} and love and prayers for you always.Keep up the good work Barb.Take Care God Bless Kath xxx

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

God is good....all the time.
Thank you for visiting my blog Barb.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a lovely post, very encouraging and uplifting to me.

Thank you ~ FlowerLady Lorraine