Monday, February 11, 2013


While cleaning and rearranging things after Johnny died I came across a box containing journals I've kept, some dated as far back as 1954. While reading through them I came across a letter somebody had written me thanking me for sharing some pages from one of these journals. The pages she was referring to were pages from a book I'd been trying to write for my Mom. I titled it "From Solitude- From Silence".  I decided to share them again, hoping perhaps something in them will uplift or encourage somebody. What I'm sharing here are some of my Mom's favorites.

1- My life is a barren desert, Lord; flood it with rivers of living water so it will     
flourish as a garden.

2- Lord, you changed my speech- softened my words;

     Changed my heart-softened my touch;
     Changed my mind-gentled my thoughts towards others;
     Changed me into somebody I now like.

3-Faith not exercised is where doubt comes from.

4- Never look back to yesterday; it served its purpose- was only intended to be

     used once. If you must reflect upon it, reflect upon memories that are good,
     inspirational, taught you something or helped somebody: if there are none
     leave yesterday alone.

5- Reading is a wasted effort if what you learned is not applied to life.

6- Nobody can change your attitude; you are in control of that.

7-We think we know ourselves until we see our reflection in somebody elses

8- We always believe what we tell ourselves.

9- Friendship disappears when abused, leaving the fool to stand alone.

10- Put others before yourself; love is like that.

11- Thank you for your hand upon my shoulder, Lord,
       every morning, all day, and through the night.

12- Unwavering faith can handle anything.

13- If you lack faith pray for trials; you'll soon develop respect for those
        who possess what you hunger for.

14- Success comes when we recognize how much we yet have to learn,
      then learn it.

15- Forgiveness doesn't come easy. If you find yourself struggling with this,
       say the words then ask God to help you mean what you say.

Keep on keeping on, no matter how steep the hill; the rewards are always greater than the trial just experienced. Climb when you want to sit, work when you want to rest, live when you want to simply exist. You may not be aware of it sometimes but you ARE winning.

Have an awesome day, everybody. Love you much.


Jeannette said...

Your words are words of wisdom Barb. I try to live by the same principals no matter how difficult it can be. Bless you! xx

Sybil said...

Thank you Brab wise words indeed.
You are a true friend to share them with us..

much love Sybil xxx

Dianne said...

Oh Barb, all of these are great but there are at least a couple I would like to use on my sidebar if that is okay. And if it is, is it okay if I use your last name also to identify who the quotes came from?

I will reread these--thank you!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I picked up on the one that says - we always believe what we tell ourselves. I've found that one to be particularly true in my life. We not only have to be careful in the words we speak to others, but to ourselves too. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration today! I think it makes us feel better too when we can try to help others. (((Hugs)))

Sandy said...

These are just wonderful, Barb! I would, like Dianne, love to copy some of them. I will put them into my quotes journals and read them over and over. I am so glad you shared these.
I think of you often, and fondly. And, you can finally expect your picture in the mail. Sorry it took so long but we had so many setbacks with our boy.
Love & Prayers~

Kath said...

Try as I may at time Blogger will just not let me in.Guess I am lucky tonight Barb,and so glad it did.Lots of these I shalltake notes of.Such
is life.Praying your hurt will ease a little with every passing day too and you can feel the gentle...{{Hug}}.. I am sending.Take Care God Bless Love you more XXX.

Crown of Beauty said...

What wonderful words of wisdom these are. Thank you, thank you for sharing them. I will surely copy them to read over and over again.

Thinking of you today in a special way...

Much love

Beth said...

Barb, Thank you for sharing from your heart. May God put joy into your heart, and may you spread His love to everyone you meet. God has a purpose for your life...every step of the way. Be blessed, Beth