Sunday, September 15, 2013

Finally! I was beginning to think I'd never be able to post again; so glad
that I can. I'm hoping that today finds every one of you doing well, happy, surrounded by laughter, love, and peace (which we know is sometimes quite
elusive). This fact is perhaps the reason I decided to share a poem I wrote many years ago. I wrote it on a day when I was struggling with depression,

on a day when I was trying to come to terms with what life really is.
I'd come to recognize that we can't control everything, can't always change 
the direction our life is flowing. I discovered, after many years, that we have
to trust ourselves a bit more, to hold more tightly to our dreams, and to not forget that though we can't see Him, God is still in control.


Sometimes life is such a hurting thing; it
erases all traces of the lovely things, the gentle
things that tickle our hearts and lift our eyes
heavenward- from which they came.

Sometimes, life is so delightful that all the 
frightful things disappear into the shadows
of the night, and we stand in awe beneath
 a diamond dusted sky, and
with grateful hearts we whisper:
Thank you, God.

, when we see our loved ones fall,
and our saddened because we cannot help
them all, 
Perhaps we can begin by helping just one.
If we're unable to swallow the sorrows of 
the heart,
perhaps we could deal with them better
by wiping the tears of another hurting person.

When  we've done something wrong,
and are consumed with guilt, perhaps
it would help to humbly accept God's gift of
And if we find ourselves doubting our choices,
our wisdom, and the sort of person we've become,
it might help to remember that
we are but men.

This picture above is a good example of what this poem was trying to say.
Not all our days are good; life does sometimes hide it's rainbows, does block
out the sun for a time, does confront us with things that hurt, discourage, 
sadden, and cause fear to settle upon us, does remind us that there are some
things we have no control over.  But..midst all of the negativeness
in the world, we're surrounded with millions of little things, simple things 
that can lift our hearts, put a smile on our face, strengthen us, and make us
believe there is nothing we can't handle.
Seeing a little boy or girl play with his/her pet never fails to make me smile. I'm sure seeing it touches your heart in the same way. We may not see a child with a pet every day, but I know there is usually something beautiful we've missed because of our worry, fear or fretting. Sometimes that special something is tucked within a moment; that moment when our child tugs on our shirt or dress, needing our attention. Sometimes it's that moment when our spouse is trying to pencil in some together time, but can't get us to stop what we're doing long enough to hear what he/she, has to say. Sometimes it's the peace we might have experienced had we taken time to simply sit and relax for awhile.
The more difficult- the more painful life becomes, the more frustrated, worried, and fearful we become. Every one of us longs to be able to do something, to come up with a way to make things better, and not just within
the world, but within our family- our homes, our community.
We become discouraged when it appears as if what we've tried made no difference. We forget that every good thing makes a difference, 

no matter how small that good thing was.

All the beautiful things in our world began with an idea. Then somebody took that first step. That's all we need to do. We need to think of somebody who needs some help- then help them in any way we can. It is more fun, I think, to not let them know who did the helping.

I'm, at this moment, pondering some ideas on this, looking forward to knowing I can make a difference in somebody's life; that if I think on it long enough, I'll come up with an idea that can bless others in the same way many have blessed me.

Life can be a challenge, has been for me since Johnny's death. But I have discovered that even a huge loss, one this painful, cannot hold me down unless I make that loss my sole point of focus. I choose not too. Life, though painful and challenging, is still delightful; is still full of new opportunities for growth and blessings, still contains many SHINY moments for me, the SHINY moments being the many blessings the Lord places within my hands each day.

Sorry this post isn't lined up right.
I'm having some problems with computer.

Have an awesome day.
Love you much.



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad to see you are still having those shiny moments, with your positive outlook I'm sure there will be many more. The poem is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Sybil said...

Dearest Barb every moment I see your name attached to a comment is a "shiny" moment..You don't know, and don't think you ever will know, just how much light you bring into so many of our lives...Do hope that your hands are a bit better...also all the poorly folks in the family. Prayers are always being said for you all...
I am having a few aches and pains at the moment but Dr. have said nothing can be done so one just has to put on the smile and get on with life as well as we pills are helping though, I really don't like taking pills but if I must so be it !!
love winging it's way to you always xxxxxxxxx

Back Porch Writer said...

Glad you are doing well Barb. You always have been an encourager of others through your blogs. Always a good attitude on the forefront. Glad all is well. I love being with my pet! They do make you smile. God knew some of us needed furry friends.

Jackie said...

Beautifully, said...

Linda :) said...

Your post is perfectly lined up... if you are looking at it in the feedly reader they are never lined up...
Always perfectly, wonderful words by you... and a poem too, you are so talented...
God is Always in control! and you always put a smile on his face...
Have a Blessed Monday!!! :)

Sandy said...

Beautiful, dear Barb. You have a gift with words for certain.

Kath said...

Hi Barb,I agree with my friend Sybil and every word she wrote.I also want you to know,you always light up my life,when I am able and around to read your words.One truly insperational person.I love you.Keep writing your words,they keep us all going and I am sure writing when you can,will keep you going too.As Sybil said,I too hope your hands are feeling much better.GOD IS GOOD.Take Care God Bless Kath xxxx

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Barb,
I am your new follower.
I am so happy to have found you.
I joined a couple of your blogs.
Your stories are very interesting.
I enjoy reading them, Barb.
Thank you for visiting my blogs,
and saying lovely things in my posts! I wonder why you haven't joined me as a follower...
I hope and pray that you will, Barb. Welcome Aboard, dear one!
Greetings from Starry Dawn.

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Barb,
I visit you again today...
Thank you for posting your heartfelt comments in my blogs!
I hope you do. Then, I'll email you.
Poet Starry Dawn.