Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring cleaning! I wonder how many women look forward to this- how many hate it.
Me? I have always loved it. Oh, there are some parts of cleaning I don't care that much for, mostly the harder stuff that requires getting on your knees, or climbing ladders.
But as far as the rest goes, I love making dirty things shiny again, love rearranging rooms, trying new colors, decorating in new ways. I rent, don't own, so of course am

limited as to what I can do. But that doesn't keep me from getting it done. Sometimes, while relaxing, enjoying the quiet, I mentally redo my entire apartment. :) It's free.
Can't beat that.

I have a friend who told me he sometimes wished I'd share a little about myself. I did

this once, many years ago, but I guess he missed that post. Some of you may have missed it too. I thought, since today is kind of a fresh start on my life, I'd kind of
introduce myself.

I am a widow now, but was married for 38 and a half years. I have six wonderful children- 4 sons and 2 daughters. Many grandchildren, 0ver 33 at last count. Quite a blessing isn't it? 
  I grew up in mostly small towns. We moved around a lot, which is probably where I 

get my love for traveling. One of the greatest thrills of my life was when I got to go trucking for three and a half years.
    I have been a waitress, telephone solicitor, sold Amway, Avon, and Studio Girl Cosmetics. I also worked at Jack-in-the-Box, and managed several Storage facilities,
 and was an apartment manager too. When my children were small, I baby sat for extra money and took in ironing to help make ends meet. 
  I not only love solitude and silence, but crave it. I'd not be much fun to be around if I didn't have that quiet time. Being able to just sit and be enables me to stay focused on what truly matters; helps me keep my priorities straight.

I am slow to anger- quick to forgive.
I am harder on myself than on others.
I am sometimes too analytical.

I have a great sense of humor, love to make people laugh.
I'm spontaneous, though not overly impulsive.
I am loyal, honest, dependable and friendly- very approachable.
I can sometimes be moody.

I struggle at times with low self-image.

I love the outdoors, really miss being able to go horseback riding. I used to do a lot of 
it when younger. Getting older certainly changes a lot of things. Another thing I can no longer do because of arthritis is to play the guitar. I really miss that. I played it when happy, sad, tired, worried..just all the time. It was a great stress reducer.
Things I enjoy doing the most: Writing stores and songs, reading, music, cooking, working with flowers, collecting music boxes, making inspirational tapes for friends and family.
  When I think about my life I'm amazed at how much God has given me, how far He's walked alongside me. He helped me understand the power of choice, the value of

silence, and the miracles and solutions to be found in solitude.

An example of how Barb's mind works. Below is my description of a cup.


A cup is not only what it appears to be. It appears to be a container,

 created solely for the purpose of containing something,
 usually a beverage.
I look at a cup and notice its texture, color and shape, and whether

 it is empty or full. I see the cup as a
man's heart; it can contain good things- or all manner of bad.
A cup to me, represents life. Like the cup, my life is full
and complete one moment, empty and not quite
together the next.
Like man, a cup can exist for a long time

if handled well, or become cracked and ruined
due to rough handling.

I love cups. They remind me sometimes of those 

whose hands created them.
Those hands have never been seen by me. But I

 appreciate their efforts;
wonder about them every time I'm given a cup

 by somebody who loves me.

Some cups appear more beautiful than others, 

because beauty does not look the same to all men.
A cup may not be attractive to some people,

 but that doesn't matter. It serves its purpose.
A man or woman can seem to be quite unattractive.

 But like the cup, once the right connection
 is made, once another individual discovers 
this persons hidden beauty, the two will
 more likely than not, create their own 
morning, noon, or nightly ritual.


 Well, dear ones, thanks for putting up with my nonsense.
My apologies for the way this post is lined up.
I am having serious computer problems

right now. Need new computer.

Take care of yourselves.

 I'll be catching up with your blogs now that
I'm back on track

Love you much.


Elizabeth Dianne said...

I really enjoyed learning more about you Barb--great post and I admire what you did with the My Johnny blog and know that was an extremely brave step to take. love you

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a nice post to read this morning. I learned some new things about you today and loved the cup referenced to your life too.

Kath said...

Enjoyed this post Barb very much.It was good to learn more about you.The cup.... was so interesting to read.Happy you are doing better and moving forward.You are soooooo taleted in many things.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Sarah! said...

Hi Barb...I loved this entry.
I would never have thought of a cuppa in this way.
I will have to replace all my mugs now, they are all looking a bit down and out and I need new ones to pick me up, to reflect the brighter side of my inner self when I use a new mug...lol.
I always seem to have the need to make do and use things until they are broken or too old and never care about how they look to other people. Like yesterday, I bought a new kettle. The lid had been broken for about 1 year now and in the last couple of days, the on/off switch had broken off too although I could still use it, but it was dangerous to do so, so I gave up and bought new.
You have a flare for writing about so many interesting things. You Take Care Dear Barb. xxx

Linda :) said...

I want to spring clean my house, but all this going to work seems to get in the way... lol...
I loved hearing about you! I had never seen that post either... :)

Chris said...

Hi Barb, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

It's so good to hear from you Barb! Great to have you posting! We plan to use this three day weekend to do a little sping cleaning as well.
Life & Faith in Caneyhead