Sunday, May 4, 2014

What? You mean I actually managed to get here before noon? Wow! Guess I'm doing better than I thought. Most of the time my good intentions fall by the wayside. But...
I found myself thinking of all of you, remembering when we first became friends so many years ago. Oh, but J-Land was such an awesome place, wasn't it? 
   It was such a close family, everybody genuinely caring for each other, all of us there for support as well as simply to enjoy sharing our life experiences. I still have times when those that are no longer with us cross my mind. Miss them so very much. Still, though they are missed, we still have one another, still know that when we hit a rough spot in life, we have but to reach out and we'll be be bombarded with emails, letters, cards, online chats. Sometimes, phone calls too, which pleasured me so much.

Life is good these days. Oh, like all of you I hit rough patches sometimes, have those moments when I have to sit myself down, take a deep breath, and remind myself of all the things the Lord helped me do that I didn't think I could do.

I have managed to finish most of my spring cleaning. Most, not all, because my pain level gets so high at times. But all in all things are looking better. I detest clutter!
My Mom used to tell me "A cluttered house makes for a cluttered mind." She was so right. The tidier my place is- the happier I am, the more content and at peace.

  This apartment complex has new owners again so some changes are coming. The first one is that they are doing away with the garden plots near our front door. They have rose bushes there and most people planted other flowers as well, or decorated them with lights, statues, etc. Those will be removed and replaced with cement. At first I didn't like that idea, but after thinking about it, I realized it is a good thing. We may not be able to plant flowers, but we can still set out flower planters and such. having to pull up weeds; you gotta love that. :)

The second thing is our patios, which I love. They are removing the patio roofs (don't like that part), and replacing the wood fencing with wrought iron ( I DO like that part).

The older I get- the more I hurt, the more I appreciate things being made easier for me.
I appreciate it, but get frustrated realizing just how many things I can no longer do for myself. I really miss feeling well, but am grateful, nevertheless, that my body still works. lol....Still gets me where I want to go, though much slower, and not always pain free.
 I have so much to be grateful for that I cannot complain. So much! There is always a new day, which offers opportunities to do better, to get healthier, to create new memories. I have a wonderful family, an awesome support system, wonderful friends, and an AMAZING  God who never fails me; is always there to comfort, uplift, bless, strengthen, guide, teach, listen, forgive, embrace, and love. With Him in my life I have enough...have it all.

Spring, one of my favorite seasons, gives us all a chance to be more active, to be outdoors without getting burned by the sun- or almost frozen by winter's wind, snow, and ice.

Our town is a tourist attraction town, and during spring and summer our highways are always heavy with traffic. People coming to visit our town usually fall in love with it. It is not only beautiful but there is plenty to do: rafting, boating, boat rides, fishing, hunting, swimming, hiking, checking out antique stores, auto shows, boat shows, fairs, picnics, movies, just to name a few Anybody visiting here would never get bored.

A lot of you have asked when I'm going to share another story online. I've not forgotten my promise to do that. I will, but am having some computer issues. I didn't want to get started then lose my computer ...and leave people hanging. I'm an avid reader so would hate that! Just as soon as I get things worked out I'll get that done. 

Hoping this post finds all of you doing well.  Take care.
Be good to yourselves and even better to others.

love you much,


Crown of Beauty said...

A beautiful cheery post, no doubt. Always filled with heartwarming words to cheer your blog readers on. And that coming from someone who has had to deal with so much the past year. Yes, changes are good, esp if they make things easier for us. Glad to reconnect with you, dear Barb. Have an awesome day, mine is just starting over here.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you are doing so well with getting your cleaning done, I'm going very slowly with that here...It''ll be done when it's done.... Changes never cease it seems. Every time I get used to things one way, something else seems to change. It's always good to see you've made a post.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Glad life is mostly treating you well. I think of J-Land occassionally and miss it. It was a magical experience. Guess a part of me is still trying to recreate that. But I know it will never happen. I was just fortunate to get to be in on it.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Glad life is mostly treating you well. I think of J-Land occassionally and miss it. It was a magical experience. Guess a part of me is still trying to recreate that. But I know it will never happen. I was just fortunate to get to be in on it.

Rose said...

Firstly, let me thank you for stopping by my blog and giving me words of encouragement.

This Post sounds like the words could have come out of my mouth too. Suffering with pain is not fun.

I miaa J-Land too. But, I'm blessed to still have you!

I appreciate all your prayers and hugs.

Hugggggggggggggggs, Rose

Melanie said...

We love you too Barb!!