Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I have been up since 4:00 a.m, and would you believe I am out of coffee? Though I only drink one cup a day most of the time, not being able to sleep left me with one horrible headache. Thankfully I'll be able to get some coffee in a bit. I won't drink it out of the cup above, but only because I don't have one like that. I think I will drink it out of the cup my daughter sent me as part of last years Christmas present. It is so beautiful. It's
one of those larger size cups; says "May the God, the source of HOPE, fill you with JOY, and PEACE. Romans 15:13 on it. It is painted in gorgeous autumn colors. Beautiful way to start one's day, isn't it?

 This morning's air was cold upon my cheeks when I stepped out onto the patio. It definitely helped clear my head a little. I wasn't happy that I lost so much sleep, but love waking up early like that; love sitting in the semi darkness, listening to the world wake up-watching it too.

 The solitude does something to my heart; always makes me acutely aware of the Lord; of all the beauty he created for us, and of all that he has done for me, and continues to do.
  The silence of the early morning hours is a gift, one I may unwrap as slowly as I choose, and I always unwrap them  slowly. I am never in a hurry to get pulled back into the hustle and bustle of the world- into it's noise and chaos.

I was thinking, while unable to sleep, of the millions of people in the world who are friendless, alone, hurting, sick, worried and afraid; was thinking of how different the world is from the world I knew as a child- even as a teenager. Back then people would linger over the fence, chatting while working in the yard or hanging clothes. A house would burn down, and the whole neighborhood would rush to help, would be providing needs before having to be asked. Back then I could ride my boyfriend's bicycle all over town without having to worry about being kidnapped or raped. My sisters and brothers could play out past dark, and Mom would not have to be worried about them.
Kids got bullied back then, just like today, but the bullying didn't lead to suicide.

The bullying was usually a few punches thrown, a bloody nose and black eye and it was over.

The thing that saddens my heart the most is how fearful everybody is, and the fact that families are not as close as they once were. The internet, cell phones, computers, etc, have taken the place of handwritten letters and personalized phone calls. Everybody (children and adults alike) are in a hurry), are so busy ...each into their own life that

they scarcely know what's happening with the rest of the family, are usually shocked when a crisis arrives and a family member is in trouble. "I didn't realize." is the response.  I didn't know."

Life is such a huge gift, but we take it for granted; always assume whatever needs doing can be done tomorrow. The thing is, there is no guarantee that we have the  full 24 hours that we run our lives by. Bad things happen, and not just to bad people.

We need to do our best to face up to things; to not stick our head in the sand when a crisis hits, hoping the problems and issues will disappear. It doesn't work that way. True- a crisis is no picnic- but if we'll just dig deep and pull up some courage, we'd discover ourselves to be much stronger than we believed ourselves to be.
It doesn't hurt to remember that ATTITUDE is everything. It really is. 
The older I get, the more I realize just how true that is.

Geez! Just read what I've written.What a mess! Well, just hope you understand how hard it is to focus without sleep. I'm going to try to get that coffee now.

Do I have any closing words? Yep!

AND...take time to smell the roses.

Thanks for listening, for caring, for your support, prayers, and friendship.
Love you much.



Jessi Francis said...

I love that verse in Romans! I bet that's a good mug!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the early morning hours. It's usually before daylight when I'm up and sipping my coffee. I really do appreciate the quiet times in my life. When my family all left home I found it very hard to adjust but now I'm quite content. I do love my morning coffee. It's to be warmer here than it's been in a long long time and plan to put in some hours of outdoor time today. A little work and a lot of rest...that's me these days, but I figure at least I do get a little done. Hope you have a wonderful day there at your house!

Crown of Beauty said...

No this post wasn't as messy as you thought it was. It is beautiful and it makes so much sense to me.

You should have posted a photo of that mug, sounds so beautiful.

I love early mornings too, sitting in the semi darkness as I feel the cool and gentle breeze while I sit in my garden waiting for the sun to show itself in the sky.

Yes, attitude counts a lot. I am so thankful for kind friends and family members! Online friends mean a lot to me as well.

Happy Mother's Day to you, dear Barb.


Jeanie said...

I see that the above comment was posted on my birthday. How could I have missed this entry. I could have written it myself too! I don't sleep so each and every night. I don't moan about it to myself I just get on with it and use those moments, especially early mornings, as a quiet time for my thoughts and feelings. There is nothing like sitting outside listening to the day slowly unfurl from its sleep. Magical!