Monday, November 2, 2015

Dreams and Things and Food For Thought

I remember the first time I saw the above graphic. It stopped me in my tracks. Why? Because I was, at this particular time, going through some pretty horrible stuff. I'd raised my children, messed up quite a bit while doing it, but did my best. I'd started on so many things once they were grown, yet very seldom finished any of them. Not good!

When I read the above words, so many years ago, I stared at them for a long time, thought about the many dreams I once had: dreams of becoming a singer, an author, of traveling through the United States, of earning a lot of money and being able to give most of it away to those who could use it. I wanted to open a book store, wanted to join the Navy at age 17, to name just a few.
    Like most people I did try a little in some of these areas. But.. like too many people, I let opportunities slip right through my fingers because of distortions of logic; those things we tell ourselves that aren't really true, things like: "This is silly to want this. I'm not smart enough." This is not true! What we don't know we can learn.

   Then there are these: "I'm to old." I don't have the money." "This is too hard to do, is beyond my capabilities."  One is never too old to try something new, never to old to step out in faith and at least try something. As for not having money goes, talk to some of the rich people. Not all of them were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. A lot of them had nothing ..but held tight to their dreams...just never gave up believing in themselves. Believing that we CAN is powerful stuff. Truly!
   Too hard? How do we know something is too hard if we haven't attempted to do it? Oh, it may be hard at first- new things always are, aren't they. While learning something new we feel awkward and insecure, sometimes stupid or foolish. But if we don't give up we wind up discovering things about ourselves we never knew.

 Having come across this graphic again, after so many years, reminded me of the dreams I once had, brought to mind the many new ones that took the old ones place. Some are beyond my reach, now that I am no longer young. BUT...there are some that I can do if I really want too. And wanting too is why I decided to share this graphic. I wanted to remind you of YOUR dreams, to encourage you to dream BIG..and BELIEVE in yourself. We may not be able to have all of our dreams come true, but can experience the JOY of having some of them come true. Don't give up on your dreams. If there are some you can't do...gaze at the stars and dream about something new you can try...and then give it a shot.

Food For Thought
1- Just because we have an opinion doesn't mean we always have to give it.

2- When talking to your children, pay attention to not just what you're saying, but

     the tone used when saying it.

3- Humbleness looks good on everybody, and is a one size fits all.

4- Attitude is everything.

Have an awesome day everybody. Keep watching for those SHINY moments in each day; those wonderful unexpected little blessings God places within your hand.
Love you much,



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Attitude is everything for sure. We never know just what we can do till we try. We are having a beautiful fall day here. I just got home from a ride in the country. The farmers were busy getting the last of the corn and soybeans out of the fields. Hope you had a wonderful start to this new week !

Kath said...

I am going to try something new this afternoon Barb, it seems strange that this is part of your post today.I am a little anxious about it,but as you say I will never know if I never try.If I do not succeed all is not lost. My health is improving ,so I have all I really want.Prayers your health continues to stay as it is right now and not get worse.Have a lovely day Barb.Love you lots.Take Care God Bless Kath xxx

Lori said...

I am bad about planning something, starting it, and then letting it go unfinished, although I have been making a conscious effort the last few years to do better in that area. I really like your four "Food for thought" items, especially the first one. This was something we had a hard time teaching our son when he was younger. He figured if it was true, there was nothing wrong with saying it. Hope you are having a nice day!