Thursday, July 7, 2011

Diamonds & Pearls

I woke up this morning with a particular song on my mind. It's been playing steadily for over a week now, so thought writing it out would perhaps slow it down a bit. Just kidding. This song is one I don't mind playing a lot, even if it's inside my head, and not on a turntable.
  Do you remember this song?
I got no diamonds, got no pearls,
Still I think I'm a lucky girl,
I've got the sun in the morning
And the moon at night.

That's all I remember, but it's enough to keep me smiling. How could I not? Diamonds are gorgeous, sparkly things, but very expensive too. And pearls are not cheap. But without possessing either of them, I consider myself very rich.
I am rich because I have the sun to warm my bones, the moon to enable me to see God's nightlights, which remind me that HE is always on call, always there, should I need him, and I always do.

I am rich because my life experiences have taught me to be brave, to hang tough, when the ground is pulled out from beneath me; to hang tough when I'm disappointed, to hang tough when I'm misunderstood, or unjustly accused of something. My life experiences have taught me that love once given, is never wasted. They have taught me that forgiveness is possible. All I had to do was say the words, then ask the Lord to help me mean what I say.

  I'm rich, because I understand that it's never about who I am, but WHOSE I am

 Many of you, I'm sure, are having to cope with a lot; have problems that weigh heavy upon your heart as well as your mind. I'd like to remind you that every trial comes to its own end. And as long as you keep a tight hold on your faith, you'll be okay.

I may not have
walked in all of your shoes, but have in several.  I understand how difficult it is to deal with chronic pain, how it feels to hurt or be misunderstood. I know what constant criticism does to one's self-esteem, know how heavy lonely can be. I know the sting of betrayal, being almost homeless, being out of work, having problems with your children. I know the pain of having loved ones struggling with addictions, and how it feels to have death steal a loved one away. I know too, what it feels like to feel alone, though you are surrounded by people.
It's not always easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it pays to believe that it exists- that you will see it down the way.
   I always tell my children that "Attitude is Everything." It pays to focus on the Up- side of things, rather then the Down side. I tell them too, that the choices we make, or don't make, determine, to a large degree, what kind of life we'll have, how each of our "Today's" will go.
  If you're having a good day  embrace each moment, for time passes swiftly. If your day is not going very well, make the decision to look for the blessing in it. Trust me. There is one.

   My prayer for you today, is that you don't let the day pass without spending out what God has given you. Every one of us has something that can, if we share it, uplift somebody else. It may be something as simple as thanking somebody, or as great a thing as forgiving somebody you've not been able to forgive. I pray that each of you will remember how unique and precious you are; that nobody can be YOU better than YOU.
  Well, I've rambled enough. Just wanted to share that song with you, and wish you an awesome day. Keep smiling, keep humming that tune, keep trusting and believing that your turn will come. And  keep loving the unlovable, forgiving those difficult to forgive.
After all, isn't that the way the Lord always treats us?

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Such good thoughts to start off my day. Thank you! Now I know I'll be humming that little tune today. Hope you are feeling a little stronger each day. Have a fantastic Friday!