Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Morning, Guys & Dolls

I had a neighbor ask me "Are you always this happy?" My answer was yes. I have no reason not to be. I have the Lord with me every day. My body is still working for me in spite of health issues.
I have family members enduring hard, painful situations, children who have lost their way, and a husband whose health is failing, but I never forget that my worst day is the kind of day some people face every day, with no friends, no love, and no support. There is always somebody worse off than me.

I am loved, have people in my life who believe in me, in my goals and in the dreams I hold so tightly too. I am content with what I have and have learned not to take life, or myself too seriously.

I've also met some compassionate, caring, loving, supportive people, here on the Internet, people who take time out to email me even when they're busy, or going through hard times themselves. They have no idea how much they have blessed me, how much those unexpected notes uplift and encourage me.

 I am able to spend time alone each day, which strengthens me, helps me remain focused, and enables me to have a quiet mind and a peaceful heart. Solitude also enables me to hear more clearly, that which the Lord would have me hear.

 I've learned, but not easily, how to live in the present moment, rather than waste time looking over my shoulder, longing to relive what once was. I hope that you are happy too; that each morning you are able to see the many blessings God sends your way, and that you're able to recognize and appreciate

the unique, and special individual you are.

Well, July 4th is just around the corner. It offers us opportunity to share so much with family and friends, to create special memories that will, down the way, see us through our more difficult times.  Have a wonderful time. I'm not too sure what we will be doing on that day, but know new memories will be created.




I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've learned that to live one day at a time is the only way I can live anymore...Each precious moment means the world to me. I hope what ever you do the 4th that it will be a happy time.

Linda :) said...

Have a Blessed Fourth of July weekend... :)