Monday, July 11, 2011

First Impressions Are Not Always Right

People matter to me, so I go out of my way to understand them; to learn what makes them happy, angry, sad, disappointed, hopeful, depressed, or fearful. I try to learn what makes them feel good about themselves, hate themselves, get to the point that they want to give up. I like to know why some people are so successful, while others struggle just to make ends meet; like to know why some individuals have dreams and set goals, while others set no goals, don't even have a dream.
What I know about people, including myself, is that their inside seldom matches their outside. It is wise to look behind angry words. An angry person is usually a hurting person.

A smile doesn't always mean a person is happy, and tears don't always mean a person is sad. People who don't cry are oftentimes seen as cold, but  often it's simply their way of keeping strong. It happens sometimes, that if you've cried openly, shared that deep sorrow, and got put down for it, were criticized and ridiculed, you no longer cry; or if you do, it is when you are alone. As well, many hurting people are afraid to let themselves cry; believing that once they start they might not be able to stop. I have felt like that many times.

We all influence somebody, every moment of our lives, but just don't realize it. We're influenced by another person's confidence, their strong faith, their talent, perhaps just their ability to express themselves. We're influenced by those who climbed to the top, when others failed to believe they'd be able too.

People wear masks; pretending to be happy, when they aren't, pretending to be alright, when inside, they are falling apart. They pretend to be satisfied with their looks, but in reality hate themselves, always wishing they were different.

People pretend to be strong because others tell keep telling them how strong they are. It never occured to them to just be honest and say."Look, I"m not feeling so strong today. I am really afraid, or insecure, or feeling lost and misplaced, or worse, losing the desire to live. Could you stay with me for a little while, or call me?"

 have become cautious, find it difficult to trust. Our world has become such a dangerous place that  many have chosen to make a fortress out of their home, becoming increasingly fearful to venture out of it. Their comfort zones have shrunk.
Where once they covered a huge amount of space- it now covers  very little, usually only includes a trip from home to the store, to a relatives house, a doctor maybe, and to church. Some people are even afraid to enjoy their front yards.
It is wise to be cautious, but a mistake, I believe, to let those who are evil have such control over our lives. Bad things happen to good people sometimes. It hurts, but it's true, But  in the  end, I know that everything will one day be made right.

I can say this because man is not in control. God still is.

For prayers, encouraging words, good wishes, and the unexpected cards and letters.


Anonymous said...

I loved this Barb and glad I found your new blog.I might not get a comment posted in my own ID it hasn't been happening for me of late.So many times I have tried until I have had to use anonymous.I hope you are well and God sure does still rule and always will in my heart.Have a Blessed Tuesday.Take Care God bless Kath xx

Sandy said...

Lots of good points here. I
agree especially that angry
people are hurting people.
We need to all be careful
not to judge by appearances
and remember to be kind to
everyone because we never
know what someone is going