Sunday, November 27, 2011


This morning, Lord, I need to thank you, rather than feel sorry for myself.
I want to thank you for today's breath of life, want to thank you for helping me make it through each day. It is so hard sometimes, to remain strong, to keep a smile on my face when my heart is breaking. I would not be able to do it were it not for You.
     Many has been the time, that my heart lay like a leaf upon the ground, a lifeless thing. But then you came,  and blessed me with the honor of your presence, and  allowed me to experience the warmth and tightness of your embrace. So now, no matter the trial, or how intense the pain, joy fills my heart. Whenever I feel trapped or overwhelmed, I have but to stretch my hands heavenward, and you take hold of them. You hold them tightly, and fill me with confidence, courage and renewed hope.

Bless my friends and family today, Lord.
Bless those who are today hurting so much;
those who are fearful, sick, fighting addictions, struggling to keep their marriages together.
Bless, Lord, those in the armed forces,
those confined to their beds,
the friendless, and those in prison.
Bless the children who are being abused,
the single mothers and fathers,
those who have no  home,
those who are suffering because of natural disasters,
those who are elderly, and are afraid,
those who love you, and those who don't.
Bless the leaders of our country, and those who are giving of
themselves in order to bless others.
Bless the caretakers, Lord, and those who are lost, desperately trying to find something, or somebody to believe in.

And forgive us, Gracious Father, as a nation, for shutting you out, for failing to give thanks for all you have done for us. Forgive us for failing to rightly
represent you.

 Forgive me, for allowing somebody else to be first in my heart, for too long. Forgive me for forgetting all you have taught me; how patient you have been, how kind, how merciful.
Forgive me for being slow to forgive, rather than quick; for being too quick to judge, for failing to always be honest about my own flaws of character.
I love you so much, far more than I could ever tell you. But you know. And knowing you do, makes me happy. Thank you for listening to my prayer and for answering it. I know you will, because you are faithful. I do ask these things in Jesus name. Amen.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

beautiful prayer today. I'll join you in those thoughts of gratitude. Take care...

Kath said...

Just trying a few comments,but I am very unwell.I will second both you inspirational ladies in this prayer.Amen.Love you millions and more and Ma too.Take Care God Bless and Night Night,because I won't be on FB or Blogger regular until I feel much better.Love Kath Motherhen xxxx

Rjet33 said...

If ever I feel down, all I have to do is read anything you write. You always uplift me, always seem to find that shiny moment. You inspire me and make me want to be a better person. Love you, my friend!