Thursday, November 24, 2011


If I for a moment, could do what I would,
You'd know the freedom of flying.
So high above the world you would be,
Beyond the touch of human hands
And the disillusionment from reality,
That finds us all from time-to-time.

It would not be a withdrawal from life, but rather
An extension of its depths.
Only you, and I, and God, would understand.
Only you, and I, and God, would be content
With the gentle strength that lies beneath-
Only you, only me, only God.

So many gifts you've given willingly, and lovingly
To this family of three; So many repairs of the hearts
You've done- seeking nothing- accepting nothing.

Someday, when the world least expects it,
I will become successful. My words will move the
Hearts and minds of men - by God's grace.
When my day arrives--and it surely will,
You and I will stand in awe
Of what has been accomplished.
I could not rightfully claim full credit, for besides
God's mighty blessings and kindness shown,
You have forever remained supportive of all
I am now, and all I will one day become.

You shall have freedom one day,
From all the chains that bind you
Against your will,
Against your spirit,
Against what God would have you see,
Be, and possess.
I don't see you as earthbound
For you are a mighty warrior,
Possessing great endurance.
Hold on awhile longer.

Continue to believe in me
And in my dreams,
And then my success
Will become our success.
All that is mine will be yours
For the asking, because
You loved me, forgave me,
And accepted me for what I am.

Because you saw what I couldn't,
And were my eyes;
Felt what my heart could not feel
Because you were my heart,
Because you love those I love,
As they love you, and mostly
Because you deserve far more
Than life has given you.

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