Sunday, March 18, 2012

Odds & Ends

I wasn't sure what to write about this morning till a neighbor asked "Barb, "Are you always this happy?" Her question got me to thinking about the many reasons I had to be happy. I have the Lord with me every day. My body is still working for me in spite of my bad back, arthritis, and the horrible fatigue that plagues me. I have family members enduring hard, painful situations, children who have lost their way, and a husband whose health is failing, but I never forget that my worst day is the kind of day some people face every day, with no friends, no love, and no support. There is always somebody worse off than me. Remembering that enables me to be aware of each days blessings.
      Actually, I am quite rich becaus
I'm loved, have people in my life who believe in me, in my goals and in the dreams I hold so tightly too. I am content with what I have and have learned not to take life, or myself too seriously.
   I've also met some compassionate, caring, loving, supportive people online,  people who take time out to email me even when they're busy, or going through hard times themselves. They have no idea how much they have blessed me.
    I am able to spend time alone each day, which strengthens me, helps me remain focused, and enables me to have a quiet mind and a peaceful heart. Solitude and silence enable me to hear more clearly, that which the Lord would have me hear. I've learned, but not easily, how to live in the present moment, rather than waste time looking over my shoulder, longing to relive what once was.

How often have you heard this sentence? " How can I help; I'm just one person?"
Our world has become a hard, scary, extremely uncomfortable place to live. People are not always unwilling to help but mistakenly believe there isn't anything they can do. But there IS! Each of us can make a difference somewhere. All big things, HUGE things began with one step, one brick, one idea. Our world is full of hurting, lonely, fearful,  needy people who need our help, friendship, love and support.
    Start where you are. Surprise a senior citizen with some flowers, an invitation to dinner, or when you see him, or her, sitting alone stop to chat. Look around you. There is a child somewhere (far too many of them), who is desperately in need of a friend. Write to those in the armed forces. And here's a good idea, one my friends and family loved. I found the prettiest, fancy bottle I could find, filled it with notes that told these people why I was proud of them, why I loved them, what made them so unique and special. I tied a pretty bow on it and placed it where they could find it. It turned out to be a favorite gift -.a wonderful surprise.


Life is, as I always say, a wisp of smoke- here, then gone. It's easy to forget that our days are numbered. Now is the time to set those goals, to believe in the dreams we've held so tightly too: One day I'll start that savings account; one day I'll start that exercise class; one day I'll find a child to mentor; one day I'll write that book, will take that trip. Now is the time to get started- not tomorrow, next week, or next  year. The longer we put goals and dreams on hold, the more chance there is we'll never reach them- never live them.




Sybil said...

What wonderful words and advice you share with us Barb. I think you are a truly remarkable lady/friend
Hope that today is a lovely one for you and Johnny
Love Sybil xxx

Dianne said...

Very encouraging post, Barb--I love your attitude about life--very life-giving!

Blessings to you!