Thursday, June 13, 2013

2nd half of Gift To My Sister

P- The Past
Parting with the past is not only the most necessary thing, but also the hardest to do. Yet if we do not open our hands and turn loose of it, it will forever mess up the today's of our lives. There is nothing the past has to offer except guidance as to what not to do.It also helps us understand how we came to be the person we are. When taking a look into the past, linger only upon the good, positive, beautiful, uplifting things. If we're willing, the past can make the present a beautiful place to be.

Q- Quitting
I don't consider myself a quitter, but did give myself permission to quit the following things:

1- I quit putting negativeness into my head.

2-I quit believing what people say about me, if what they say pulls me down, 
    is untrue, or causes me to feel badly about the person I am.

3- I quit listening to gossip.

4- I quit living in yesterday.

5- I quit expecting to much of myself.

6- I quit worrying about things I am not responsible for or can do nothing

7- I quit explaining my actions and life to people.

R- Rivers, Rest, and Reason.

These three things would probably not enter the minds of most people. Still, it is one's uniqueness that makes life so mysterious, delightful, so much fun.
Rivers came to mind because they give me peace midst a crisis. Rivers, lakes, especially the ocean, bring me face-to-face with God, with myself- with life.
     Rest comes to mind whenever I am around water. It's almost as if I enter another world when I'm around them; a world different from this one. It gives me time to regain mental and emotional strength, my poise and courage, enables me to better hear what it is God would have me hear.
    Reason is a word I've finally come to terms with. I like it because I've come to understand that I don't have to know the why behind everything. It is enough to know that I am here, and have a million choices open to me. So do you.

S-Solitude- Silence
Solitude  brings me freedom from that which entraps and smothers me; gives  me opportunity to view things differently, to discover new ways of doing things. Mostly it brings me to my own special place with God. Solitude helps me face the real me, enables me to recognize areas that need changing, as well as how much I've grown.
      Silence allows me to hear what I think God is telling me; lets me hear the grass grow, butterfly wings, the sigh of a tired universe. In silence, I find the God I cannot see, but love and believe in.

T- Trust/ Today
Trust must be a part of our lives; without it we remain afraid and insecure. I've been able to teach myself to trust. I do it moment-by-moment, the way I try to live my life. I doubt that I'll ever be able to fully trust another person any other way, but what matters is that I'm making the effort.
     Today is my life. Consequently, I taught myself how to live in the moment. I strive to do my best, to spend the moments of my life appreciating what I am doing ,and who I am doing it with. I treasure the moments given me each day, because having come so near to death so many times, I am better able to see the good in hard times; instead of resisting them, I accept them and learn more about myself in the process.

U- Universe

As huge as it is, I know God desired me to have a place upon it, or in it. I have a right (so do you, Sis), to what I help others possess. I am a unique person with both good and bad tendencies, not better than anybody- but no worse.
   Whenever you are given to quiet contemplation, try to remember how uniquely different you are. God made you that way because nobody can be YOU better than You.

V- Victory
Victories become ours when we become wise enough to acknowledge our good points, rather than focusing upon the bad; when we're able to stand up for ourselves - make the decision to take responsibility for our own happiness.
     Victories are becoming yours even though you're not yet aware of some of them. I see them, and am proud of your fighting spirit, your graciousness under pressure, your willingness to believe in love in spite of the terrible things that have been done to you.

Wisdom is something we've all a little of; it's incorporating it into our lives that some of us fail to do. Knowing what to do isn't worth a thing if we aren't putting to use what we've learned.

There is always extra time for you in my life, Sis, no matter when you need me. Remember that.

Y-YOUYou are important, much loved, greatly admired. Don't shortchange yourself.

Z- Zero

Never allow your life to become a Zero. You'd be missed . You matter to me. Stay centered, Sis. As well, remember what we want to fill our lives up with; those things that will bless others: Patience, kindness, gentleness, mercy, forgiveness, and love.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your A-Z's to your sister are very touching. It shows over and over the love you had for her. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful words.

Chatty Crone said...

Very impressive Barb. How sweet. sandie