Monday, June 27, 2011

The one thing I am most thankful for, at the moment, is that I have not forgotten to look for the blessings during my darkest, most painful moments. They are always there. But sometimes, when we are discouraged, weary, in a lot of pain or overwhelmed, we lose our bearings. It's hard to stay focused when we've lost a lot of sleep, hurt, or have more than one thing at a time to deal with.
What has helped me the most is remembering to start my morning with the Lord. I thank Him for the day's gift of life, then thank Him for being willing to listen to me,
and for helping me find solutions to my problems. I had been thinking about his
faithfulness when a dear friend asked me why I thought she had such a hard time
with her faith.  "It's up, then down." she told me. "And you know I love the Lord and DO believe in Him, Barb. It gets me so discouraged."

 I thought about her question for awhile, then told her I felt  she was forgetting that she is no different than the precious people in the Bible. Every one of them, I told her, struggled with their faith at times. We are all strong, I said, but not always. We have faith, but at times it might  waver. The fact that it does, doesn't mean we no longer have faith. It just means that perhaps we've not kept it as active as we should have. Faith, when not put to use, is nothing but a five letter word. We've all been given a measure of faith, but how large and strong that faith becomes depends upon whether or not we keep it active.

 If your day is going badly; if you are afraid, feeling insecure, worried about loved ones, are sick, lost,  or wondering what to do about your situation, remember that God is home every day, leaves his nightlights on at night to reassure us of that fact. (smiling as I write that, remembering that is what I told my son when he was little, when he became afraid of the dark). Viewing it that way reminds me too, that God understands when I am fearful. Several times, in His Word, He says "Be not afraid." He encourages us to be strong and full of courage. Leaning upon Him rather than ourselves makes our burdens so much lighter.

 Sometimes it seems as if  nothing will ever get better. It seems like the harder you try, the worse things get. I know that feeling, have felt it many times. And it is painful. But when things are difficult we have to keep on keeping on, always reminding ourselves that it won't always rain, that even if we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, it IS there, and one day we WILL be able to see it.
It helps to reach out to others too, even if we may be shy about it, have never done it before. Trust me, there are many people on the Internet with the largest hearts in the world, people, who would reach out to support you if only they were aware of your need..
I want to take a minute here to thank those of you who have taken time for me. You've taken time to comment on what I write, even though it may not be something you're particularly interested in. You've taken time to email me just to say hello, and ask how I am doing. You've gone out of your way to make me know I matter. For that I am, and will ever be eternally grateful.

To all of you, remember to create a special memory today. Life is short, is here, then gone- like a wisp of smoke.

Something To Ask Yourself When Stressed.

Is this really going to matter a few months from now?
Choose your battles wisely (a lesson I learned the hard way).

Have an awesome day.



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Counting my blessings has pulled me through a lot of hard days. When we take the time to think about it, there are some rays of sunshine in each and every one of them. Being thankful is one way to combat whatever ails you. It's so good to see you posting regularly again. Take good care!

Linda :) said...

God knows we are only human and that is why he forgives us...
Seeing you online always makes me Smile... :)