Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Somewhere in the diamond lit sky, there is a star with my name on it.
Somewhere, the dreams I had so long ago are touching the clouds.
Right now I may be grounded, but there is always tomorrow, and tomorrow I

will fly.

I've been thinking about love: the height and width..the deepness of it,

remembering how good it tasted, the one sip I had.

I am looking at a rainbow, its colors as dazzling as what I see

in the eyes of the one who holds my heart.

I am listening to the collective sigh of a tired universe- and a cricket.

Oh, but the heart can sing when love resides there,

but how quickly the spirit dies when love flies away.

No matter the miles between us.
I am where you are for when we met- we became one.

What rests within a touch? Everything!

Fill my cup with thy love, I pray, lest this day be empty of life.
Let me then fill yours, so the connection between us remains forever.

Love once given is never wasted. It flows endlessly, for all time.

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